Thursday, February 28, 2013

Retrofitting Suburbia: Silver Spring, Maryland

I've written a couple of times here about the major effort underway in Virginia to turn the isolated office buildings and malls of Tysons Corner into a walkable downtown. Similar plans are afoot in many suburban communities, including Silver Spring, Maryland.

It was recently announced that the owners of The Blairs, a big apartment complex on the edge of Silver Spring's downtown, want to turn their car-friendly enclave,  now about half parking lots, into a real urban neighborhood.

Above, as the property is now.

And as it would be in the new, $625 million plan.

So far, no sign of major opposition, and Montgomery County is committed in theory to this kind of densification, so this should go ahead.


pootrsox said...

I'm simply curious: where will all those people who live in those apartments park their cars once their parking lots have been greened?

John said...

Multi-level underground garages, like in downtown DC.

Henry Drake said...

I don't mind if they "green" Downtown Silver Spring apartments ... I would sure want to see some greenery after a long day's work... and as long as they have a reasonable solution for parking space... not one that does not make a lot of sense

Unknown said...

wait for a few days and know for sure