Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quick, Make the Sound of a Wounded Rabbit

So I'm reading this nature book to my daughter Clara, and I find:
On a cold winter's night, you sit at the edge of a meadow. You bring your hand up to your mouth and breathe through your fingers. You make a noise that sounds like a wounded rabbit. 
And I think, oh, I do? Really? What the hell does a wounded rabbit sound like?
Out of nowhere, an animal appears at the far end of the meadow. . . . It's a fox!
If foxes are as smart as they say -- and the ones in our neighborhood are always able to outwit my dog and escape her, although she is admittedly the stupidest mammal in the county -- are they really going to be fooled by my pathetic imitation of a wounded rabbit? Assuming, that is, I somehow figure out what a wounded rabbit sounds like. Do you suppose there is a Youtube that explains it?

And why am I sitting at the edge of a meadow on a cold winter's night anyway, instead of home at my computer?

UPDATE: You can hear a "distressed rabbit" here. Ugh. And noway I am ever making that noise by breathing through my fingers.


Unknown said...

I suggest going to and searching for "rabbit" (speaking of sitting at your computer).

The rabbit squeal is bizarre, creepy, like nothing else. It sounds like dying, no mistake.

Carole said...

One night my daughter and I heard the most horrible scream, creepy and like death - my dog had caught a rabbit in the yard and it was dying.

We did what we could to make it comfortable and warm until it died. I will never forget the sound3445