Monday, March 16, 2015

Asia Week in New York

A sample of the objects up for sale during New York's "Asia Week," which draws collectors of Asian art from around the world to a week of auctions and gallery shows. Above, head of the Buddha, 2nd century CE, Gandhara (Pakistan or Afghanistan).

Painting of the Mughal Emperor Farukhsiyyar by Bavanidas, c 1715, detail.

Bronze vessel of the Zhou dynasty.

Contemporary Japanese ceramics by Koji Toda

Miniature blue and white "mellon" vase, late 18th- to 19th-c.

Indian painting, 19th-c.

Ceramic horse from China, Eastern Wei Dynasty, 550-534 BCE.

Zhao Xu, Lotus Pod, 2014

Portrait of Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah of Golconda, c. 1640.

Wang Bingrong, brush pot, 1820-1860.

Prince Siddhartha Parading through the City, Gandhara, 2nd c. CE, detail

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