Sunday, March 22, 2015

Where to Run to?

Apocalyptic broadcaster Rick Wiles says America is going the way of Syria:
I’m going to say this to American Christians: Your time to flee America, which is now Babylon, is quickly disappearing. Obama will destroy this nation too. He is a man of destruction, darkness and evil. There may be a year remaining in which you can get out and save your family. I’m convinced the Luciferian Illuminatus that control this country will dismantle it over the next two years and the Phoenix will ascend to replace the old constitutional republic.
What is the Luciferian Illuminatus? I thought the Illuminati were controlled by the Bush family -- or was it the other way around? I'm so confused.

And anyway, where could American Christians go? Europe is full of secular gay people, Russia is not much of a Republic and they don't like Protestants, Canada has national health care, and Mexico is Mexico. It's a quandary.


G. Verloren said...

I dunno... New Zealand, perhaps? Mild enough climate, low population density, a historically oppressed ethnic minority for them to pathologically despise... uh... sheep...

Of course the Kiwis are by and large amazingly nice people, so I wouldn't ever want to wish American Christian nutjobs on them. They also technically still have a monarch, and no "real 'Murican" would be caught dead living in a monarchy. And they legalized same sex marriage not too long ago as well. (Pōkarekare ana / Ngā wai o Waiapu /
Whiti atu koe hine / Marino ana e!)

To be honest, I simply don't see American fundamentalists actually being willing to leave - they're much more likely to try for something like Texan secession, or the like. Arm up, bunker down, burn some flags, that sort of thing. It'd almost certainly be suicide if they really went for it, but I guess if that's what they want...?

G. Verloren said...

Also, if these people are afraid that the country is "going the way of Syria", wouldn't that mean they're afraid that religious extremists are going to seize power and hold people to medieval religious standards of morality and behavior?

Because the only religious extremists in the country who could even possibly attempt to pull that off... are Fundamentalist Christians themselves.

"We have met the enemy and he is us."

leif said...

excellent responses. glad to see them. too bad 99.9998% of the population won't.