Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fantastic Images from the Dark Side

Julius Sergius von Klever, Der Erlkönig

Gustave Doré, The Fall of the Rebel Angels

John Martin, Fallen Angels Arriving at Pandemonium

Jean-Édouard Dargent, The Washerwomen of the Night

Toby Edward Rosenthal, Elaine

Edourd Ravel de Malva, Death on a Pale Horse

Maximilián Pirner, Finis: the End of All Things

Peter Nicolai Arbo, The Wild Hunt

William Degouve de Nuncques, The Leprous Forest

1 comment:

pootrsox said...

As someone who has for several decades indulged in RPG computer games I found those images not only redolent of classical mythologies but also reminders of many of my favorite/least favorite experiences in various games.

Thank you as always for bringing art to my computer!