Saturday, April 16, 2016

Planting Day

We've finally past the danger of frost, so today was the first big gardening day for me. The tulips and some late daffodils were still showing their colors.

Self-seeded larkspurs in the annual bed; I love flowers that come up by themselves.

I went to the Home Depot this morning for supplies and seeds. I was loading a 50-pound bale of peat moss onto my cart when a 20-year-old female employee saw me and came running over with an alarmed look on her face, saying "Are you alright? Do you need help?" Thanks, I thought, I was just fine until you showed up.

I upended the composter and got 30 gallons of lovely compost out, which I started digging in with peat moss and lime. My soil, after 13 years of work; it started out as miserable clay but now it is really quite nice.

Ready for planting.

After dinner, Clara and I put in the first seeds. Still lots more to do.

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