Monday, April 25, 2016

Anti-American Posters in Iran

Pictures posted by Moose and Hobbes after a recent trip to Iran.

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G. Verloren said...

The sad thing is, these are are based in some pretty valid complaints underneath the propagandic symbolism.

We do rather love using our M16s and our bombs to get our way in the world, in particular to quench our thirst for oil. And it's impossible to deny that Israel has become a nation built on brutality and Apartheid, with whatever merits Zionism might have once possessed being completely overshadowed by the monstrous institutional cruelty leveled against the Palestinians.

And interestingly, while one cannot deny Iran has its own problems of horrific systemic oppression and government crackdowns on dissent, they do at least seem to restrict it based on political and ideological deviancy, and don't much discriminate based on race or ethnicity. (Except perhaps against the Israelis, but that's an external dispute between nations, not an internal one between different groups within the country.) You might end up imprisoned or executed for speaking out against the regime, but you won't suffer simply for being born the wrong ethnicity.