Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Whistler's Sketchbook

Besides his famous collection of Asian art, Charles Lang Freer was a friend and patron to American artist James MacNeil Whistler (1834-1903). He ended up owning hundreds of Whistler's works, including many drawings and etchings. I love Whistler's drawings and recently spent a happy hour perusing these on the web site of the Freer-Sackler Museum. So, a sample. Above, Garden, Italy, 1879-1880.

Balcony,Venice, 1879-180.

The Dyer, 1879-1880.

Loches, Hotel de Ville, 1888.

Fruit Sellers, Venice, 1879-1880.

 Nocturne, Palaces, 1879-1880.

Ponte del Piovan, 1879-1880.

Priest's House, Rouen, 1894.

 Clock Tower, Amboise, 1888.

Doorway and Vine, 1879-1880.


Jolie said...

Thanks, these are terrific. I'm going to the website to view more.

Anonymous said...

I loved these in person (those on view) when I visited in 2012.

Can't remember if you've spotlighted him before, but... Richard Parkes Bonington has a similar vibe to his cityscapes, and, if anything, he's even more sensitive of a draftsman.

Apples and Oranges of course, but if you liked those Whistlers, my guess is the Boningtons also will not disappoint.

I first saw a Bonington sketchbook at Bowood House in the UK--to me, it was one of those moments (as with the Whistler sketchbook) where I found myself instantly transported to the past, standing and looking over the man's shoulder as he made his visual notations, out on the street. Quite amazing.