Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Musée des Confluences, Lyon, by Coop Himmelb(l)au

I wrote about the new science museum in Lyon two years ago, while it was under construction. Now the Musée des Confluences is complete and open, and it looks pretty much exactly like the architects' renderings. Imagine that.

So now this war machine of the future evil empire exists in steel and glass, and you can walk through it.

The museum's blurb insists that this design
suggests the infinite diversity of knowledge and the plurality of vocations of a mixed space, a place of discovery, wonder, sharing of knowledge dedicated to all audiences.
Pluralism -- ha. What a silly remnant of the sentimental democratic age. In the future world of real existing technocracy, there are only correct opinions.

The architects are less pretentious, calling their design the Crystal Cloud of Knowledge. But I still see an assault vehicle rather than a cloud.

But it certainly is a striking design, more interesting than the usual modernist mediocrity, and I suppose a modern design was inevitable for a museum of technology and science.

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karlG said...

Hard to say; pictures never give a full, true, measure of a building or 'public space'. What disturbs me is that there are no interior shots --of a museum, for goodness sake.