Monday, January 26, 2015

The New Robber Barons

I try not to get paranoid about the Koch brothers, but this is a little disturbing:
Kochs Plan to Spend $900 Million on 2016 Campaign
What will they find to do with all that money? They only spent $400 million in 2012 and it seemed like ads had already reached saturation point.

Can it be good for a democracy when its rich citizens can afford to spend more on elections than the main political parties?

Will there ever be a point at which this sort of thing starts to turn off voters?

Is all this money changing the political landscape, turning running campaigns into even more of a business, run by consultants only out to line their own pockets with billionaires' money? If so, will that make any difference to the rest of us?

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Valkrye said...

Hello, Just a quick comment on this piece~ I think it would serve a lot of people in this country to be a bit more "paranoid" about these men~ We have every reason to be frightened of their enormous power and influence in the direction they and others of their ilk would like this country to take . I think it is vital to be vigilant and outspoken at every opportunity about their underhanded and nefarious dealings. They care only for one thing and that is their own continued wealth and power ~ nothing altruistic here . Seems from all I know they will stop at next to nothing to insure their agenda is met. My other comment is just to say how much I have been enjoying your blog which I am only recently subscribed to. It is always intelligent, thought-provoking, entertaining and enlightening~ as well as beautifully illustrated. Love the variety too of topics~ Thank you for a very interesting and beautiful blog.