Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Scott Walker's Plan for Workers

Kevin Drum pulls out the key passages from Scott Walker's plan to "empower" workers:
union bosses and the politicians they puppet....power to the people, not the union bosses....reduce the power of union bosses....big-government union bosses....big-government union bosses....Individuals should not have to pay union bosses....union bosses a legal monopoly over collective bargaining....mandatory dues to the union bosses....pay artificially high wages to union bosses.

flexibility, choice, and innovation in the workplace....free enterprise and workplace flexibility....flexibility to join a union or not....protect workplace flexibility....flexibility to balance work and life commitments....repeal any regulation that reduces employee flexibility....protect workplace flexibility.
So, smash the union bosses and then get rid of all those big government regulations that reduce "flexibility," things like overtime rules and minimum wages and such.

Just to let you know how I feel about Scott Walker: I would rather have Donald Trump as my president than Walker. I absolutely despise the man. He hates unions, universities, poor people, and any action the government might take to improve the lives of ordinary people; he loves rich people, sports stars, and watching the poor suffer. And he is very dangerous. The one good thing about Trump's rise is that he has pushed Walker to the sidelines, especially in Iowa, a state Walker's people thought they had to win and could win. So, go Donald. Anything to keep Walker out of power.

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