Friday, September 18, 2015


Over Costa Rica. Very freaky; people watching it said it looked like the End Times. Video here.

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G. Verloren said...

....I don't get it. This looks like pretty typical after-storm atmospherics where I live in Florida.

Looking at this Youtuber's listed personal information, they apparently grew up in North Carolina and only recently moved to Costa Rica. I've personally spent enough time in the Appalachian region and the Eastern Seaboard to admit that, yeah - this sort of cloud play simply isn't remotely typical there. But in and around the Caribbean? This stuff is pretty common.

So basically a sheltered country girl visits another part of the world, encounters something new and foreign, and attributes it to God and alludes to the End Times?

Man, just wait till she tries some of the local cuisine. "These empanadas are so spicy that The Devil must have made them!" And how about when she first spots some exotic mammal, like an agouti or a peccary? "It's like God tried to create a mouse/pig but made a mistake!"

I'm torn. My optimistic side says this sort of response is almost endearing and sweet in a way, but my cynical side can't help but want to roll my eyes at yet another religious individual mistaking the perfectly mundane which just happens to be beyond their narrow experience and horizons for something miraculous or portentious.

It's like someone seeing a vague face-like shape in the char on their morning toast and honestly believing Jesus has blessed them in the most bizarre and nonsensical manner possible, instead of just marveling at the phenomenon of pareidolia and the penchant of the human brain to seek out patterns, even where none actually exist.