Monday, September 21, 2015

More Debates, More Polls

The latest poll from CNN shows Trump down a little, Carly Fiorina way up, and Scott Walker sinking down into George Pataki territory.

I don't think Trump is finished yet, but maybe the fact that he has nothing to say about most of the issues facing the country will doom him in the end. I can't take Ben Carson seriously. Maybe I am wrong about her, but I also can't Carly Fiorina seriously. The woman is constantly making things up and insisting that they are true, and she failed spectacularly at the only high-profile job she has ever done, running Hewlett-Packard. Barbara Boxer killed her with ads pointing out that Fiorina tripled her own salary while laying off 20,000 workers, and the same attack will work even better in the current climate.

Bush is going nowhere, and none of the lesser men on the list seems poised to breakout. So let's have a summary from Josh Marshall:
And that leaves us with Marco Rubio.

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