Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I know it's too early to fret, but when I have a crew in the field I obsess about the weather, and this map from the National Hurricane Center doesn't bode very well for getting test units dug next week.


Looks to be headed far away from me now. So on the one hand I won't have to deal with flooding, but on the other my life remains ordinary.


G. Verloren said...

Hurricane prediction has gotten very good in recent years. Basically, unless something major changes unexpectedly, the storms follow the predicted paths almost exactly.

With that in mind, I would stress it absolutely is not too early to fret. You might possibly get lucky and it might end up swinging wide due to some unforseen outside influence, but don't count on it. Buckle in and stay safe.

Susi said...

Look at jeff Master's weather Blog. This storm could go anywhere from Carolins to the North Atlantic. NHC takes the middle path. We're in for rain, though.

pootrsox said...

My favorite meteorologist (DT of WxRISK) says "DC TO BOSTON this weekend looks SUNNY few if any a clouds in the sky"

He's been bullish on the Euro ensemble for several days; the Euro has consistently shown the storm moving east and not hitting mainland US. This AM the Nat Hurricane Center moved *its* consensus plot eastward as well. It no longer shows the eye headed straight up the Chesapeake Bay but rather staying offshore.

This morning even the GFS ensemble shows almost all sources moving the eye east and no direct hit on the mainland.

But we *still* are looking at 7 inches of rain through Monday... or more... in already-saturated soil. I predict a good number of tree falls even w/o a lot of wind.