Friday, February 21, 2014

The Strange Whine of the Conservative Business Owner

I was amused by this bit from Dave Weigel's piece on the campaign of Texas Senator John Cornyn:
A little while later, a trucking company owner named Darrin Forse went on a tear. “You get people to come in and apply for jobs,” said Forse. “First thing they ask is, ‘What’s it gonna pay?’ The government’s giving them whatever they want anyway. A lot of them come up and sign a card and say, ‘OK, I can get another free check and whatever else.’ That’s what’s happened. They’re getting their insurance for nothing, and here we are, the working people.”
The nerve of those people, asking how much a job pays before they take it! I bet Darrin Forse loves work so much he takes on new clients every day without asking how much they intend to pay him.

It is certainly true that the existence of a government safety net makes people less willing to take miserable, badly paid jobs. The solution for business owners is to pay people more and make their jobs less miserable. After all, their competitors are hiring in the same labor market, so it shouldn't keep them from making money.

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Anonymous said...

The comment was more directed to people that did not want to work ! When a person as been out of work for sometime ! They should just be glad to accept a job instead of getting a hand out from the goverment! I know Mr Forse and ihis company and they have been around for a very long time and many of there employees have been there for many years as well! Not much better caring people around ! Pay more a small business creates jobs not high paying jobs but jobs and regardless of the pay which I know is between $700 and 1200 weekly he is creating jobs!