Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Arne Maynard's Home in Wales

Garden designer Arne Maynard divides his time between a London flat and this house in Wales. He and his "longtime partner" bought a run-down place, part of which was built in the fifteenth century, and lovingly restored it. The house goes by the splendid name Allt-y-bela, which Lindsey Taylor of Gardenista says means, roughly, "hill of the wolf."

It seems perfectly cozy, just my kind of house.

As I write, the snow of our latest winter storm has just started falling in my yard. Normally I find storms exciting, but I have had about enough of winter for this year, and my mind turns toward flowers and gardens. Like the ones Maynard has planted around his house.

Besides the flowers there are fruits and vegetables in great plenty. Would that I had the room for something like this, and lived someplace where deer wouldn't eat everything. Spring, where are you?

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