Friday, February 28, 2014

Subject Headings

Just a few I encountered in the Library of Congress System while browsing New England -- History:
Azorean Americans--New England--History.
Beards--Social aspects--New England--History--19th century--Juvenile literature.
Disasters--New England--History.
Floor coverings--New England--History.
Games for girls--New England--History--19th century--Juvenile literature.
Golf--New England--History.
Love-letters--New England--History--19th century.
Masculinity--New England--History.
Mycotoxicoses--Social aspects--New England--History.
New England--History--Miscellanea.
Now, I ask you, if juvenile literature related to the social aspects of beards in New England history rates its own sub-heading, what could possibly be under Miscellanea?

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