Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rethinking American Policy in Syria?

Today's least surprising news story:
The United States has suspended the delivery of nonlethal aid to the Syrian opposition in northern Syria after concluding that some of it has fallen into the hands of extremist Islamic fighters, American officials said on Wednesday.
Those sneaky bastards! They took the guns we sent to our moderate friends and used them to kill civilians. No fair!

Since it was utterly obvious to anyone with a brain that this was going to happen, does the reaction mean the administration was looking for an excuse to cut off the aid? Are we finally going to stop pouring more fuel on this fire?

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Anonymous said...

{The United States has suspended the delivery of "nonlethal" aid to the Syrian opposition}= There are No Guns & that's the consequences of Obama's policy failure, should he had helped the Moderate Free Syrian Army with Guns, the "extremists" wouldn't have taken control of many positions or recieve a huge transfer of fighters of frustrated fighters who were equiped by the US with only mask gazes & food supplies, those extremists being not more than 5 % of the rebels not long time ago, but after the population has been gazed and massacred with no punishment from the international community and the Syrian Gvt fully backed by Iran and its Shia highly equipped militias and the unlimited help of Russia militarily and with all the vetos in the UN, this was Expected by All expect the US !