Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hipster Hunting

After decades of decline the number of hunters in the US went up 9 percent from 2006 to 2011. Why? Because urban slow food-locavores have decided it is the ultimate in humane meat:
“It feels more responsible and ecologically sound to eat an animal that was raised wild and natural in my local habitat than to eat a cow that was fattened up on grain or even hay, which is inevitably harvested with fuel-hungry machines,” writes Christie Aschwanden, a self-described “tree-hugging former vegetarian.”
I wish I could get a few dozen bearded, bicycle-riding hunters to come shoot the deer in my neighborhood.

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leif said...

our vincible ignorance of natural balance is appalling. extirpate the wolves, then realize we're up to our eyeballs in deer. it doesn't take much effort to see that we humans wreck the environment we so need for long-term survival. it brings me back to the x-year plan. 70, 150, 500, whatever you want. 6-month. if we can't see anything's wrong, we're just willingly blind. a short-term plan leads to short-term solutions. apparently a long-term plan takes too much work.