Monday, June 1, 2015

An Interesting Compliment from 1737

Here's a fun way to compliment a lady, endorsed by the Wits Cabinet: Or, a Companion for Young Men and Ladies:
Your Voice is such a one, that should the Holy Churchmen use it, it would without the Addition of more Exorcisms, disinchant Houses, and tie up the Night Ghosts that haunt the solitary Groves.
Oh lady,your voice scares away ghosts!  Hmmmm.

Here's a more conventional assay:
Turn back your Comet Eyes, or I shall perish in the Flames.
From Ask the Past.

1 comment:

G. Verloren said...

"Comet Eyes"? I wonder if, as with meteors, the implied quality is quickness - and from there, by extension, intelligence or cleverness?

Or would brightness be the more likely trait? Hard to say - flames can be used to symbolize either.