Thursday, June 18, 2015

Now That's Modern Art

From This is Colossal:
As part of an exhibition last December at the Maison Des Jonglages (House of Juggling) in La Courneuve, France, magician and juggler Antoine Terrieux created a series of kinetic artworks using different arrangements of hair dryers.
Now be honest; if I told you that you were going to see an art installation using hair dryers, would you ever have suspected that the result would be so cool? Several more in the video at the link, but this is the best.

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G, Verloren said...

I have a hard time believing there's any possible way that can stay stable for terribly long. Air streams are simply too turbulent, with too much allowance for random variation, to keep an untethered paper airplane in stable loop. Surely they must have to reset the system both frequently and regularly.