Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Doctors, Obamacare, and Partisanship

Sure, when it comes to a complex question like how to evaluate the Affordable Care Act, most people go with gut feelings that come mainly from their political beliefs. But surely experts, like doctors, are relying more on the facts of the case?

Sadly no. The Kaiser Family Foundation found that party identification had a much bigger impact on how doctors view Obamacare than any other variable they could think of.

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G. Verloren said...

Why would doctors have any special insight into what is entirely an economic problem?

Doctors don't care about who has insurance and who doesn't. That's for the front desk to handle. All a doctor cares about is examining patients, getting paid, and avoiding getting sued.

Now if Obamacare dealt with Malpractice Insurance? Then you might see some interesting data, because it is currently the number one concern for a doctor, ever since lawsuit rates and insurance costs exploded in the 90s.