Thursday, June 25, 2015

Patrick Van Caeckenbergh, Old Trees

Patrick Van Caeckenbergh is a Flemish artist born 1960 in Aalst, Belgium.

Most of the work I have seen online is surreal sculptures and installations that do nothing for me. But I like his drawings of old trees. The gallery showing these says:
Drawings of Old Trees during the wintry days 2007-2014 are not renderings of actual trees, but are inspired by the trees in Belgium, particularly those in the artist's own garden. The drawings evolved organically from Van Caeckenbergh's imagination after having observed the trees for so long that he was able to absorb their form and essence. Caeckenbergh often revisited and reworked the drawings over a number of years, laying new pieces of paper over some sections so he can expand on them, never erasing his marks. The drawings have some playful references-sometimes elements of the tree are shaped anthropomorphically, on occasion small windows or doors are worked into roots. Van Caeckenbergh views these tree drawings as a metaphor for his overall practice, the branching off of ideas and concepts from one central source.

Delightful. For variety's sake I include two other Van Caeckenbergh works below. Make of them what you will.

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