Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Donald Trump is Running for President

The real Pickett's Charge campaign.


G. Verloren said...

Wouldn't something like Operation Winter Storm be more apt?

Charging out to "rescue" a convoluted and mired election that never should have gotten that way in the first place, only to come up short and abandon any effort to prevent a grim total annihilation?

Kpgoog said...

Trump is a buffoon, yet he has accomplished many goals in his life. He is in this for something, some kind of return, and I am keeping my eye on him. He is like somone who reads off the FOX news script, appeals to that crowd, yet I dont see his strategy as equating to Picketts Charge. That failed in large part to its predictability ,and if anything the Donald is unpredictable.

G. Verloren said...


How is Trump unpredictable? He's a walking stereotype. We've seen his exact archetype in dozens of television shows and movies from - the overbearing corporate figurehead, no brains but lots of buzzwords and "take charge" bossiness, whose only "virtue" is their capacity to order others around and take the credit for their competance.

He inherited his entire fortune from his father - he was handed a major real estaste business wholly built and already operating, requiring him to do nothing but sit back and let the machinery run. Riding on those coattails, he built up his own personal image as some sort of business guru, making television appearances and writing a book about himself.

Unfortunately in the 90s he started to believe his own hogwash and started to take an active part in his real estate business, promptly running it into the ground and repeatedly going bankrupt before handing the reigns back over to more competant handlers. He also had an affair, because of course he did - he's an idiot millionaire whose entire personal skillset can be described as "bullshitting", why wouldn't he?

Oh yeah, and speaking of being predictable, four years ago he pulled this exact same stunt, announcing he was running for president and then dropping out after a short while - a great little publicity stunt, costing him absolutely nothing and getting his name in the news, driving up his market value and brand awareness.

Now he's doing the same thing again, and people are falling for it all over again. Unpredictable? I couldn't possibly think of anymore MORE predictable than Trump.

Kpgoog said...

I never thought he would actually run. Most others did not as well, but he did.

Shadow said...

He's taking his reality show on the road. A kind of new magic act: "Watch while I pull jobs out of my hat." Replace jobs with whatever.

The emperor wears no clothes.

I can't think of anyone more publicly vicious than he is.