Friday, April 11, 2014

Sometimes You Get the Bear. . . .

Ah, Art:
French performance artist Abraham Poincheval will be spending 13 days inside a dead, hollowed-out bear Visitors are encouraged to talk to the artist or read to him to keep him company.

“I feel that, little by little, I am withdrawing into hibernation, like a bear. Life has slowed down. I sleep a lot,” Poincheval told journalists from inside the bear.

During his 13-day stay, the artist won’t leave his hibernation spot. His food is stashed away inside one of the bear’s legs. He eats, sleeps and even relieves himself inside the bear. . . .
The artist’s diet is similar to that of a bear and includes berries, insects, honey and fruit.

“It’s a really long time to stay inside, 13 days eating worms, beetles, disgusting things like that, it must feel weird,” says young Thomas, one of the museum’s visitors.
My own bear-obsessed son was not impressed. He said,
It is not enough to see through the eyes of the bear, one must become the bear.
Can't argue with that.

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