Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blackwell, Windermere, by M.H. Baillie Scott

Blackwell is a holiday house in England's Lake District designed by Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott for Sir Edward Holt.

Baillie Scott was closely associated with the Arts & Crafts movement. His design reflects many of the movement's ideals, and the house was decorated by Arts & Crafts figures like the ceramicist William de Morgan, Morris & Company, Stanley Webb Davies, and more.

The thing about a wonderful Arts & Crafts house is that you can actually imagine living in one -- in fact you can live in one, although probably not one as nice as this. Gothic palaces are fine to visit, but for comfort on a cold night you want a cozy inglenook like one of these.

The front gate.

The Great Hall.


In the downstairs, rowan berries and leaves are a theme of the decoration.

Upstairs, a bit too brown for my taste; I would have to hang some bright red and blue tapestries or something in this hall.

Sideboard and chairs by Baillie Scott.


What a wonderful place to spend a vacation, or a life.

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