Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christie vs. Cruz

Richard Cohen has a column today previewing the 2016 Iowa caucuses. (Hey, never too early!) He says Christie should skip them because Iowa's Republican caucus goers are going to hate him and support Ted Cruz instead. Which makes perfect sense to me. Those dreaded Iowa Republicans are mainly Christian conservatives (they went for Rick Santorum last time), so why would they support Christie? Plus, as other people have noted, many Republicans held their noses and voted for Romneyin 2012 because they thought he was more electable. The beating he got from a president most Republicans consider a joke will not encourage them to try that route again. No, I think they will go for a fire-eating anti-government evangelical, either Cruz or somebody who can channel some of his end of the world fervor while still sounding like he could govern the country. Northeastern budget-balancing rationalism is out.

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