Saturday, March 17, 2012

Today in the Garden

On a warm, sunny day, under a hazy summer sky that somehow got lost and wandered into March, Clara helped me get the annual beds ready for planting. Our official last frost date in April 15, but I usually plant on the first weekend in April and only once has this gone badly. This year I think I may start planting seeds now. This has been the warmest winter in a decade, and it was in the upper 70s all week, so while there is a chance of frost I think there is a bigger risk that it will be so hot by April 15 that it withers all the seedlings.

Our plum tree, and the neighbor's flowering pears.

The survivors of a whole bag of windflower bulbs I bought two years ago.

Our daffodils, and the tulips that usually bloom in late April.

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