Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The High Line, Phase III

Manhattan is on the verge of another huge development project, the conversion of the West Side Rail Yards to a complex of high rise towers. This development alone will be bigger than the downtowns of some medium-sized cities, with 13 million feet of space. And the first piece of it to be built will be an extension of the hugely popular High Line park.

This image shows the route of the elevated line around the rail yards, ringing the space that will be developed.

These images are full of ghostly high rise buildings, since none of them have even been designed yet.

This image shows one difference between the latest phase of the park and the earlier two; on this one, you will be able to walk directly on the old rails. This project is exciting on several levels -- a surge of transit-accessible development in Manhattan, a new park, and a showcase for the talents of the world's top architects. Should be fun.

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Katya said...

I notice that none of those tall buildings are casting shadows that would drown out plant growth on the high line. Not very honest, really.