Sunday, October 11, 2015

More Ancient Greek Coins

Tetradrachm from Pheneos in Arcadia, c. 360-350 BCE, showing Demeter.

Electrum coin from Phokaia in Ionia, 468 BCE. Some of these coins are beautiful, others wonderfully weird, and some have such great stories. It's a good thing I'm not into collecting, because I love these pictures.

Double face coin from Istros in Moesia, 4th century BCE.

Tetradrachm from Knossos with the Labyrinth.

From Lycia, c. 500-440 BCE.

From Akragas in Sicily, c 420 BCE; lower right is Scylla.

From Kyrene, c. 250 BCE, one of many coins from north Africa depicting the fabled Silphium plant.

Tetradrachm from Syracuse, 405 BCE.

Elephants! Seleukos I, 300 BCE.

The face of Zeus from Syracuse, 344-337 BCE.

And Helios, from Rhodes.

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