Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Large amounts of Money

Apple has more than $205 billion in cash. Or rather in bank accounts, since there aren't that many actual bills in the world. They seem to have no plans to do anything with it.

India has an ambitious plan to reduce coal use by installing solar panels on rooftops all over the country; they are aiming for a fivefold increase in solar power generation by 2020. They are looking for $100 billion to finance the effort.

Which sounds like a lot of money until you realize that Apple could do it and still have $105 billion in the bank.

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Miss Grimke said...

The juxtaposition of this entry with the one for Le Mans Cathedral made me think: In the old days rich kings funded the building of cathedrals to help rescue the masses from the clutches of Satan. Today the holders of vast wealth should provide the capital to save us all from climate change.