Friday, October 16, 2015


Clodion, born Claude Michel (1738 – 1814), was a French sculptor. He made most of his money supplying the decadent aristocrats of the Ancien Regime and the Revolutionary era with charming little terracotta figurines of satyrs and nymphs in the Rococo style. The Met calls the work above "one of the most minutely studied of all the Bacchic orgies that were Clodion's specialty."

More views. This is variously dated to any time between 1765 and 1790; the Met offers 1780-1790, but that's just a guess based on their finding the work "highly evolved."


Satyr Crowning a Bacchante.

Cupid and Pysche. I like these -- they are full of energy and fun

For more virtuous customers, Clodion also made images of Athena and Vestal Virgins like these.

The River Rhine.

A Mourner.

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