Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hillary Can Debate

She was better than Obama in 2008, and she was way, way better than anyone also last night. One pundit said, "Clinton is not facing first class competition." Jonathan Chait wrote:
Clinton easily lapped the field. None of her opponents can plausibly imitate the public’s conception of a presidential nominee. Lincoln Chafee looked like he wandered into the building after his yacht had been lost at sea for weeks. Jim Webb snarled angrily about obscure obsessions. Martin O’Malley seemed to crave consideration as her vice-presidential nominee. Bernie Sanders is running for co-op president.
Watching clips of her performance I was put in mind of Mitt Romney. Like Romney, she is obviously knowledgeable, experienced, and tough, rather than exciting or lovable. I think any open-minded person would say that she has what it takes to be President. Since she is generally to the left of Obama on most domestic issues, I can support her despite her fondness for bombing people. Unless something very weird happens, she will be the democratic nominee. And whatever other strengths or weaknesses she brings to the campaign against Trump or Rubio, she will shine in the debates.

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