Monday, May 22, 2017

Today's Sentence

Greece's anarchists are organizing like never before.

It seems that some of them divide their time between setting up squats for refugees and blowing up banks, or at least fantasizing about blowing up banks.

This reminds me of how amused I was to discover that in the 1930s there were anarchist ministers in the Spanish government.

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G. Verloren said...

As I see it, the secret to understanding Anarchists is to realize most of them aren't actually opposed to government. They're just opposed to whatever or whichever government is currently in power.

They're the archetypal "Adversary" - the eternal rebel. They seek to tear down the establishment not for the sake of replacing it with a better one, but merely for the sake of tearing things down. And when they do manage to succeed, and inevitably a new order rises to fill the void left by the last, they eventually turn against that one as well, also inevitably.

Some people climb mountains. Some people play chess. Some people seek inner perfection. And some people seek to topple society. Not because it achieves anything of real value, but because they want the challenge, and it gives them something to focus on and to base their identity around.