Saturday, May 13, 2017

Jihadi Pills

Since we were talking here back in September about the massive use of methamphetamines by the Nazi regime, I thought I should mention that the soldiers of the Islamic State have become notorious for constantly popping "jihadi pills." Their drug of choice is sometimes called Captagon. Captagon is a brand name of Fenethylline, a large molecule that breaks down into two separate amphetamines with slightly different effects. This used to be prescribed for hyperactivity in children and depression in adults, preferred to other amphetamines because it has less effect on the heart. However, government labs have studied the "Captagon" that one can buy on the black market and find that it is mostly generic amphetamines, and according to wikipedia most of what jihadis use is made in local labs and is therefore not likely to be Fenethylline either.

Anyway the soldiers fighting for the Islamic State are regularly pumped up on amphetamines, and I would not be surprised if that applies to many other combatants in the region. Some accounts from ex-jihadis speak of being given drugs that cause hallucinations, which would have to be something other than plain amphetamine; perhaps one of those cocktails of amphetamine and ketamine or ecstasy.

Explains a lot.

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G. Verloren said...

Desperate people employ desperate measures.

If only we could get our government to stop creating so many desperate people.