Sunday, May 21, 2017

Edoardo Tresoldi: Wire and Light

For a royal event in Abu Dhabi, Edoardo Tresoldi created this architecture made of wire and light. Photographs by Roberto Conte.

Reminds me of all those Renaissance artists who spent most of their time doing royal masks and the like. Via This is Colossal. More at the artist's web site.

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G. Verloren said...

Can it really be said to be architecture if it has no real substance, and serves none of the purpose of actual architecture?

In my mind, this is far more akin to a holographic projection than it is to architecture.

Or perhaps more accurately, it's like a movie set facade. That might look an awful lot like an old Wild West saloon, but it's actually just a quarter inch of painted wood propped up with planks, with nothing behind it. There's no building - just the illusion of one. There's no achitecture, just the impression of it.

The only way I can see this being architecture is if you consider it from the point of view of local birds who might perch upon it or roost within it.