Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Khangchendzonga National Park

Today's place to daydream about is Kanchendzonga National Park in Sikkim, India, bordering Nepal in the Himalayan highlands.

The topography is extreme, rising from 6,000 feet to 28,050 feet (1,830 to 8,5550 m). In area it measures 328 square miles (850 km2).

The area is most famous for its extremely tall mountains, including the third highest in the world.

But I am more entranced by the high wooded valleys, a wonder of biodiversity that led to the park being named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cloud forests.

Some of the amazing wildflowers.

Birds, including (top) the Satyr Tragopan.

Mammals include snow leopards and red pandas.

There are 18 glaciers and 73 glacial lakes, inhabited by a wide variety of folkloric creatures, from goddesses to goblins.

There is an old and famous monastery, Tholung, and many other sacred sites.

Stone marker on the border of India and Nepal.

What an extraordinary place.

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