Friday, March 29, 2013

Weapon of Mass Destruction?

"Weapon of Mass Destruction" is a stupid phrase invented by belligerent hacks who wanted to make chemical weapons sound as bad as nuclear bombs, giving us an excuse to attack more countries. But nothing else is anything like nuclear weapons, and they should not be lumped with anything else. We may one day have biological weapons that are as scary and dangerous as nuclear bombs, but we don't yet, and chemical weapons are not really much more dangerous than explosives.

But the US government has now stretched this past the point of absurdity by accusing Eric Haroun of conspiring to use a "weapon of mass destruction" in a foreign county. His weapon? A rocket propelled grenade. I kid you not.

And how do you conspire to use a rocket propelled grenade? Seems to me you either use one or you don't.

In the name of fighting terrorism, our government has gone insane, and this is just another sign of the madness.

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