Thursday, July 16, 2015

Trump is in the lead!

The latest poll of likely Republican primary voters:

Donald Trump  -  17%
Jeb Bush  --  14%
Scott Walker  --  8%
Ted Cruz  -- 6%
Marco Rubio  --  5%
Ben Carson  -- 4%
Rand Paul -- 4 %
Mike Huckabee  -- 4%
Chris Christie -- 3%

How embarrassing, although actually "undecided" has the most support, at 30%.

UPDATE: Perhaps I am too dismissive of Trump; Matt Yglesias says, "Trumpism would be the prefect ideology for a third party."


G. Verloren said...

I'm honestly baffled that there are people who can't see Trump for the (excuse the pun) trumped up idiot that he is.

Are there honestly people out there who would knowingly want an abusive, self centered, out of touch, pompous windbag who inherited his personal fortune and then repeatedly went bankrupt trying to manage it himself, to run an entire country?

I mean, that's like wanting to make Prince Harry into the UK Prime Minister. How does a person reach a state of mind where that sort of thing sounds even remotely like a good idea?

leif said...

baffled? i wouldn't picture you as baffled. several explanations to try on for size.

1) 12% of the US population suffers the same idiocy as trump does
2) some people want to make a statement in polls
3) some people ignorant of his biases and remember him instead for the decisiveness he exhibited on 'the apprentice'
4) he represents the political id of closet neocons
5) liberal dems mock-vote for him because a dem would have an easier time defeating a windbag who spouts offensive tripe, than a 'serious' candidate

John said...

Yglesias' point is that Trump actually speaks for a segment of the electorate that neither party's leaders represent, people who hate foreigners and foreign trade. Who else would denounce both immigrants and trade deals?