Monday, May 4, 2015

The Republican Foreign Policy Script

From a Times article about Carly Fiorina's positions on “the issues,” I extract this:
Ms. Fiorina has accused the Obama administration of playing down the threat of Islamic extremism and has said Hillary Rodham Clinton underestimated America’s foes, particularly President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, during her time as secretary of state. Ms. Fiorina has said that the United States should “stand up and arm Ukraine” to fight Russian-backed rebels, and that she would order high-profile military exercises in the Baltic States to send “a very clear message” to Mr. Putin. On nuclear negotiations with Iran, she says the United States should not lift sanctions against Iran until Tehran agrees to even stricter terms on a nuclear deal, including more extensive inspections.
Sigh. Is there anything more depressingly familiar than the way all Republican candidates for national office parrot the same tough-guy talking points? When was the last time any Republican candidate other than Rand Paul said anything interesting about foreign policy?

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G. Verloren said...

Notice: You must be -THIS- militant and jingoist to join the Republican Party.