Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life with Teenagers, or, What I Found in the Kitchen this Morning

The teenagers in my house are learning to cook, which I think is great. Alas, they are not learning to clean up after themselves. Behold my kitchen as it welcomed me this morning.

The point seems to have been to make these bars, which consist of a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, a layer of double stuff oreos, and a layer of brownie. Which actually taste pretty good, in a disgustingly over-the-top sweet and fatty sort of way.

I confess that my sternness failed me. I want them to enjoy cooking, and to be happy in my house, and this looks like it was great fun. I couldn't ruin that with a scolding. So I spent the first twenty minutes of my day unloading the dishwasher (still full of dishes from dinner), loading in all this stuff, putting away the brown sugar, scooping out the flour that had been spilled into the sugar canister, and generally straightening up. And then I had a cookie-oreo-brownie bar for breakfast.

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Unknown said...

Ok - my first reaction would have been a little on the ballistic side, but I remember learning how to cook, and what a process it was, and how independent I got from the experience. By not freaking out on them, they have been taught a lesson that will live with them for some time. They mat not know it, though. And, I'm sure a gentle reminder that when cooking, the place needs to be cleaned up, will be that other lesson learned.