Monday, August 13, 2012

Sandy Point State Park

I took Ben and Clara down to the Chesapeake Bay today, to Sandy Point State Park. They loved it; the little Bay-sized waves are perfect for them, and they can play more easily here than at the ocean.

It was a perfect day, high 80s (30 C) with a few puffy clouds.None of my teenagers wanted to come; too tame for them. So it was just the three of us.

A big ship came by at one point on its way to Baltimore, and that threw up some almost ocean-sized waves, which set kids screaming all up and down the beach.

Sandy Point is a rainbow coalition sort of place, with no ethnicity in the majority and a babble of languages. At one point we had, on one side, a west African family and a Chinese family (speaking Chinese), and on the other side two Hispanic families, one with a father who looked exactly like a carving of a Maya king.

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