Friday, December 4, 2015

Today's Republican Poll

From CNN:

Trump     36%
Cruz        16%
Carson     14%
Rubio      12%
Christie   4%
Bush        3%
Fiorina    3%
Huckabee  2%
Kasich       2%

Trump is up 9 points from CNN's last poll in October and has a 20 point lead; so much for fading or collapsing or whatever he was supposed to do.

All of the insiders are moving to Rubio, but so far Republican voters don't see it. Besides Trump the only candidate really making a move is Ted Cruz, who is contending for first place in Iowa. I had a conversation over Thanksgiving with a relative in the radio business, and he said Cruz has by far the most savvy media operation of all the candidates, getting much more exposure per dollar. Of course that would exclude Trump, who is so  media-savvy that he gets all the exposure he wants without paying a cent, but anyway Cruz is generally said to have the most professional campaign.

This is going to be interesting.

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