Sunday, October 13, 2013


Over the past 72 hours we have logged 6.42 inches of rain in Baltimore -- 16.3 cm -- and right now it is raining again. Friday's 3.09 inches was one of the ten rainiest days ever. Like many of the east coast's worst weather events, this is the result of two systems combining, one from the south and one from the west. From the south, the remains of Tropical Storm Karen, and from the west, the storm that gave the Dakotas an October blizzard. The combined storm has little in the way of wind, but its low pressure center has been stubbornly sitting right off the coast, pumping water up over our heads. The NWS says it should move on today, but then they have been saying that since Friday morning and maybe they are just funning us because they aren't getting paid. My restless teenage sons keep heading off into the woods during breaks in the rain, then stumbling back drenched an hour later after it starts up again.

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