Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rouhani Speaks on Yemen

Iranian President Rouhani gave a statement yesterday about the Saudi campaign of airstrikes in Yemen:
“To the countries in the region, I say, let’s adopt the spirit of brotherhood, let’s respect each other and other nations. A nation does not surrender because of bombing,” said Rouhani. “Do not kill innocent children. Let’s think about an end to the war, about ceasefire and humanitarian assistance to the suffering people of Yemen.”

He said a campaign of airstrikes and bombardment is “wrong,” citing examples of Syria and Iraq, where a US-led coalition is targeting Islamic State militants.

“You will learn, not later but soon, that you are making a mistake in Yemen, too,” Rouhani said, without naming any particular country.
Obviously Rouhani's statement is aimed at the US and Israel, but it looks from here like he is exactly right in what he is saying about Yemen. So far the Saudi bombing is killing people to no political effect. Why would we put ourselves on the wrong side of this conflict, and let Iran take this virtuous public stand that obviously helps them? And why are we stoking Yemen's civil war anyway, without even trying to arrange a negotiated settlement? If we really want to oppose Iranian influence in the region we need policies that make more sense than random bombing of people we dislike.

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