Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wang Shu, Chinese Architect

This year's winter of the Pritzker Prize is Chinese Architect Wang Shu. According to the jury, his architecture
opens new horizons while at the same time resonates with place and memory. His buildings have the unique ability to evoke the past, without making direct references to history. 

Above and top are the Ningbo Museum of History, of which the jury said
Wang Shu´s buildings have a very rare attribute—a commanding and even, at times, monumental presence, while functioning superbly and creating a calm environment for life and daily activities. The History Museum at Ningbo is one of those unique buildings that while striking in photos, is even more moving when experienced. The museum is an urban icon, a well-tuned repository for history and a setting where the visitor comes first. The richness of the spatial experience, both in the exterior and interior is remarkable. This building embodies strength, pragmatism and emotion all in one.

And this is the Ningbo Tengtou Pavilion, which Wang designed for the Shanghai Expo.

I can't say I am a huge fan, but the Pritzker has been given to the designers of much worse stuff.

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