Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Romney Talks Weirdly Tough about North Korea

Mitt Romney really does seem to be a moderate on many domestic issues, which pleases me, but when it comes to foreign and military policy he can be scarily hard line. He wants to increase defense spending when everyone else is trying to cut it, build more ships, add another Army division, and so on. He has taken on some of the most bloody-minded ex-Bushies as his advisers. He pretty much declared war on Iran during the last debate, and he acts like war with China is just around the corner. Via Eugene Robinson, here is Romney taking the opportunity provided by Kim Jong-Il's death to talk trash about North Korea:

Kim Jong Il was a ruthless tyrant who lived a life of luxury while the North Korean people starved. He recklessly pursued nuclear weapons, sold nuclear and missile technology to other rogue regimes, and committed acts of military aggression against our ally South Korea. He will not be missed. His death represents an opportunity for America to work with our friends to turn North Korea off the treacherous course it is on and ensure security in the region. America must show leadership at this time. The North Korean people are suffering through a long and brutal national nightmare. I hope the death of Kim Jong Il hastens its end.

I suppose that was a bit of posturing for the primary electorate, but it really isn't very Presidential. I think we have had enough wars this century, and we really don't need a President who is looking for more.


Thomas said...

It's not clear if he's really hard line, or if his hard line is a way to compensate for his inability to swing so far to the right on other issues. Basically, he has no history on international issues, so he can make a bigger play there to the right wing nuts who seem to control his party.

I guess it boils down to who is international policy advisors are.

John said...

I have also wondered if maybe it is all an act, but if so it is a remarkably consistent one.