Sunday, October 14, 2012

Objectivist Dating

Via Andrew Sullivan, Alex Heigl explores the world of romance among followers of Ayn Rand. Since Rand was always fulminating against the very concept of "we," it's hard to imagine that such people are capable of much in the way of love:
There's actually an Ayn Rand dating site. They elected not to take the low road (as I would have done) and name it "The Fountainhead," but went with the more restrained "The Atlasphere." Profiles include blurbs like: "You should contact me if you are a skinny woman. If your words are a meaningful progression of concepts rather than a series of vocalizations induced by your spinal cord for the purpose of complementing my tone of voice," and "I am rational, integrated, and efficacious. So far, I've never met a person who lives up to the standard I hold for myself."

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