Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Across the Highlands

After we left Castle Doune around noon today, my daughter and I headed across the Highlands on the A-84/85. It's an amazing drive, some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever encountered. Above, our first glimpse of the Highlands at Loch Lubnaig.

We knew we had really reached the Highlands when we entered a place where there was absolutely nothing around us, not a single building or tree in sight. No long after that we crossed Rannoch Moor, which is the boggy version of absolutely nothing.

I celebrate reaching the middle of nowhere.

From there the road passes through Glen Coe, to my mind a place of supreme beauty. Mountains in every direction.

We parked and hiked down to this little waterfall.

And then we drove on to the sea, about which more tomorrow. Above, the view from our B&B.

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leif said...

super scenery. thanks for sharing.