Friday, August 2, 2019

Links 2 August 2019

"In Lower Thames St, where the traffic roars past old Billingsgate Market and around the Tower of London, there is an anonymous door that leads to the past."

Excavating Camp Douglas, a Civil War camp in Chicago that served as a training camp for Union soldiers and then as a prison for 26,000 Confederate POWs, 4,000 of whom died.

Celtic noblewoman buried in a tree coffin, 200 BC.

The foreign policy record of new British PM Boris Johnson. In a nutshell: he was against it before he was for it.

On UFOs: "serious scholarly study of strange things can have strange effects."

The Great Synagogue in Vilna, Lithuania was burned by the Nazis and then flattened by the Soviets. Archaeologists excavating in the ruins have found great stuff, mainly from the 18th century.

Jimmy Carter called Ronald Reagan a racist, and he was right. But he got clobbered in the election. Steve Bannon is also right: if Democrats talk race and Republicans talk nationalism, Republicans win.

Who benefits from US-China trade tensions? Vietnam.

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Shadow said...

Moving production to Vietnam is good for Vietnam and for trade balance.